Beeswax Wrap
Beeswax Wrap

The Beeswax Wrap

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2 Set Sizes Available:

Small Set: 1 Small | 1 Medium | 1 Large Wrap
Large Set: 2 Small | 2 Medium | 1 Large Wrap

These Beeswax wraps will change your fridge, keep foods fresher longer, simplify your lunch packing and reduce waste of both food and kitchen plastics - the new kitchen essential!

  • Handmade in Canadazero waste eco-friendly food storage alternative, the new kitchen essential
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces food and plastic waste
  • Food lasts LONG when stored in these wraps - it is both protected and can breathe!

Wrap Care:
Cleaning is simple! Rinse in cool water, if it needs a little more cleaning use a natural soap with cool water and air dry in dish rack just as you would a plate.